40 years in business together is something to celebrate.

Dec 10 2015


The District of Summerland (municipal hall shown in the photo above) was our first client in 1975.  In 1975, the population in Summerland was roughly 6,500 people. That number grows each year and today they serve a population of 11,280 people, offer two elementary schools, one high school and a vibrant business community. 

We are proud to have grown together, improved together and continue to work side by side.

We decided a visit was in order so we dropped by and had a chance to celebrate our 40 year business relationship. After a few days of grey skies and rain, the sun arrived and showcased the beauty of the Okanagan Valley and the hillsides of Summerland above Okanagan Lake. 

Upon our arrival, we were greeted by smiling faces and an introduction to the Mayor.  Mayor Peter Waterman (c) and Director of Finance, Lorrie Coates (l) were presented with a commemorative plaque by our General Manager, Wendy Jarvis (r).

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