Planning to stay true to core values in 2016

Jan 08 2016

It is the start of a new year and time for reflection and planning. As a tech company, learning lessons from the past is as equally important as looking to the future. We re-examine our core values and focus our perspective. The main core value that stood out for us was our Commitment to Continuous Improvement. 

Upon reflection, we learned that we are on the right track staying true to this core value and keeping our clients' software current with today's market. 

The 2016 predictions rotating through the web chatter share common themes - self-service and web-based applications top the lists. 

We launched our VadimOPEN self-service software in 2012 (three years ahead of market trend) and with our assistance, clients saw the full potential. We took time to learn, educate and demonstrate. Our clients saw the benefits to be realized and they had to have it. 

During that time, our development team was busy with web-based compatibility for the desktop version of iCity known as iCity RIM. The first iCity RIM (e3) module launched in 2014 (once again ahead of the 2016 technology market prediction that web-based applications will gain popularity). By the end of 2016, Vadim Software will have released a web-based version of the majority of iCity modules. 

That still isn't enough. With ongoing development, our existing development platform needed enhancement. Vadim Software is now built on Microsoft .NET which opens the doors wide for future development goals. iCity (2.0) desktop would get a face lift upon transfer to the new platform and becomes the new iCity (2.5) desktop.  

We hope you are as inspired as we are in 2016 and look forward to developing more lasting client relationships this year!

You can request a demo of the new iCity 2.5 desktop, iCity RIM or of VadimOPEN by email - CLICK HERE TO REQUEST A DEMO.

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