Kelowna Mayor chooses StarDyne Technologies for business learning opportunity

Mar 14 2016

March 14, 2016 – (KELOWNA, B.C.)
In the City of Kelowna’s 2016 Financial Plan is the Mayor’s Business Visitation program. The purpose of the program is to create the best business environment, aided by growth and progress, to make Kelowna a desirable place to do business. Mayor Basran plans to visit 30 key employers of various industries throughout 2016.

On the list of influential employers is StarDyne Technologies Inc., the parent company of Vadim Software. StarDyne operates 13 subsidiaries in education as well as government and enterprise technology. It is one of Kelowna’s major tech employers and note-worthy of a visit from Mayor Basran.

On Thursday, March 10, 2016, Mayor Basran, together with the City’s Director of Business and Entrepreneurial Development, Robert Fine, dropped by the office and spent time learning about the company and its place in the market with executives.

After his initial discussion, Mayor Basran addressed the staff, provided background about himself and his roots in Kelowna and gave an overview behind his reasons for running for the top seat of the City. Mayor Basran said: “After my three years on council, it was pretty evident to me that, in that three years, I was part of a team that really got Kelowna moving again. I think you are seeing the evidence of that now, when you take a tour of downtown and you see all the great things that are happening. To be quite honest, you can’t go anywhere in town right now without coming across some kind of construction project of some sort taking place in our community. To me, there is really an air of optimism and excitement in our City that I don’t think has been felt. . . ever. So that, to me, was really exciting and why I felt the need to put my name forward to become the Mayor - so I could help continue that.”

He continued, “I believe that tech is a huge component to that so I have made tech one of my top priorities, and council has as well, for a number of reasons, but for one, because of the people like you that it’s attracting here.”

StarDyne Technologies is one of many thriving tech companies in Kelowna and the Mayor made a point to express his appreciation to our staff for their commitment to the community. From the perspective of the City, Mayor Basran said “The job can be awesome but we know that in tech, in particular, you can go do that awesome job anywhere so we really need to be cognizant that Kelowna is an amazing place to live.”

When asked what his experience has been like visiting local area businesses, Mayor Basran responded, “For me, it’s been a big eye opener because there are companies like this in my city that I didn’t even know existed or that I did, but not this scale.”

One comment in particular from Mayor Basran resonated with our staff as ringing true to our company core value of continuous improvement. As a company, we utilize various methods of trying to communicate with our clients in order to learn from their experiences so that we can make our products better.

Mayor Basran paralleled this value in his response to a question about the purpose of his visits when he said “It allows Robert [Fine] and I the opportunity to directly hear from business owners and employees about what’s working and what’s not, so that we can go back in our business making process and refine things so we can make Kelowna a great place to do business.”

After his speech, Mayor Basran toured our offices with senior executives and was then on his way.

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