IT Professional Services

Here at Vadim Software, we recognize that not all companies have the privilege of an in-house IT department. We also know the demands of an in-house IT department do not allow an abundance of time for new installs and upgrades.

Our Network Services team is here for you. 

We offer highly skilled and trained IT professionals to assist you and ensure that our software runs smoothly. Whether it is a new install, new release upgrade or providing a back-up for your daily data, our IT professionals are available.


Kit Installation Service - VadimINSTALL

Vadim offers two types of installation services:

1.  Infrastructure Services

We have qualified professionals available for consultation with respect to your current IT Infrastructure. In the event current servers need to be upgraded, our professionals are available to migrate both your hardware and software systems with minimal disruption to daily business function. 

2.  Application Services

As a Vadim Software client, our IT professionals are able to manage all your software installations. Our application service will automatically update your system with any new software releases or product upgrades leaving your IT department time to manage the daily IT activities without disruption.  


Off-site data back-up & recovery - VadimRECOVER

VadimRECOVER is a data-loss protection service. Using daily off-site back ups of your iCity® data, VadimRECOVER can completely restore your data in the event of unanticipated loss.