iCity® RIM


In the spirit of streamlining our products, e3 has been renamed to iCity® RIM . As we move forward with development, this product will be known as iCity® RIM - our web-based, multi-platform iteration of iCity®.

With iCity® RIM, users are able to work from anywhere there is an internet connection. This could be through a mobile device such as a smart phone, tablet or a laptop computer. Users can work from their homes, their travel destinations, from in the field or any other out of office location and be able to get the information they need. RIM = Reporting with Inquiry and Maintenance. 



iCity® Desktop


iCity® Desktop is a complete comprehensive ERP of financial, municipal, payroll and human resources software designed for municipalities, small local government and utility companies. The suite can be purchased in its entirety, in bundles of modules or on a module by module basis. Access real time data, build comprehensive reports, export to Excel and integrate with all other modules. 

Once you have iCity® Desktop, you have the option to expand your solution with value-added products like iCity® Reporting (an essential customizable report building tool), or iCity® Online, offering citizens, businesses and staff the opportunity for online self-service options like bill payments, as well as iCity® RIM,

iCity® Online


iCity® Online (formerly VadimOPEN) is a time saving solution by providing self-service options for staff, citizens and businesses. Users are empowered with the tools to make inquiries, apply for grants and licences as well as monitor accounts and request electronic billing. Citizens can receive bills by email and view tax and utility accounts. Staff can submit purchase orders. Vendors can submit accounts. Businesses can make applications. 



Partner Solutions


Perhaps you are already using a software solution for a specific need. At Vadim, our software integrates with several products currently on the market. We have partner relationships with the goal to provide our clients with the most efficient and affordable solution.  



WinFin is a complete solution designed for the boutique communities of Alberta. It is a fully integrated software solution comprised of eight modules and is designed for the boutique-sized municipality. It is a cost effective basic financial solution with each module under separate licence.